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The Void Monitor system is a mine safety arrangement for monitoring ground support at an unloading location, at a vertical void.


The Void monitor is fixed with a 3D LiDAR scanner which will determine if the void is safe for a vehicle to be unloading at the edge of the void. When the Void Monitor is in the wound-up position, it is safely tucked to one side to be out of the way of tipping machinery. The scanner will continuously be monitoring the status of the edge reporting to an indication point. 

The three-meter exclusion zone near open voids underground, is why the frame is built and designed in a certain way, to be safely accessed whilst behind exclusion zone for scheduled maintenance and also to achieve maximum reach into the void.

Built with anti-corrosive specifically designed CNC parts and lubricated pieces, to ensure longevity within the harsh mining environments.

Frames designs can be adjusted, and custom built for different mine applications and geotechnically challenging rock structures. 

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yellow light.png

The scanner reports to a traffic light system which personnel will see prior to entering the hazardous area.


GREEN LIGHT . the void is structurally sound, and the driver of the vehicle is safe to proceed with unloading.

AMBER LIGHT .  the area has filled to its capacity, and the driver of the vehicle cannot proceed.


RED LIGHT . overbreak (collapse of rock) and the area is not safe to tip.

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